Importance of Protein during Pregnancy

As a woman moves on in her third trimesters, the dietary needs change to an increased intake of protein

When a woman gets pregnant, her daily caloric needs, as I said, need to come from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, but as she moves on in her pregnancy and when we are trying to make the baby gain weight and prevent gestational diabetes and pregnancy-induced hypertension, we encourage the woman to try and get most of the calories from protein.

What that ensures is that the baby has a healthy weight gain over the months, over the trimesters. And the woman reduces her chances of developing diabetes and pregnancy-induced hypertension. So having a low intake of salt, having a low intake of simple sugars, having more complex carbohydrates, trying to get the calories that she needs from carbohydrates from more complex sources rather than simple sugars is encouraged.

Having needs higher in protein or having a protein with every meal and in-between snacks is encouraged. Having a diet lower in fat is encouraged. Exercise is encouraged. So over as a woman moves on and her trimesters, yes, the dietary needs or the dietary requirements for a woman changes. In the last trimester, protein is encouraged with low sodium and a low, simple sugar diet.