Understanding Female Infertility

Dr. Rita Bakshi explains female infertility, causes, tests and treatment options

Understanding Male Infertility

Dr. Rita Bakshi talks about Male Infertility and how common it is, what are the causes, etc.

What is Ovulation? What, When and How

Dr. Rita Bakshi explains ovulation and fertility.

Endometriosis and PCOS treatment through Acupuncture

Dr. Aadil Khan talks about Acupuncture as a treatment modality for and Endometriosis and PCOS.

Infertility & Acupuncture

Dr. Aadil Khan shares his views on how acupuncture can be a good modality for infertility issues for both women and men.

Symptoms of PCOS

Amul S. Bahl talks about the symptoms of PCOS.

Root Cause for PCOS

Amul S. Bahl explains some of the root causes of PCOS.

PCOS Treatment Modality by God’s Own Store

Amul S. Bahl explains how their technology works in treating PCOS.

What is PCOS

Amul S Bahl explains what is PCOS.

Understanding Conception the Ayurveda way

Understanding conception the Ayurveda way

Prenatal and Perinatal Period

Shivkumar Belavadi talks the Prenatal (before birth) and Perinatal (time around birth) Period.

Power of the subconscious mind and the Golden Period

Shivkumar Belavadi talks about the Golden Period (Period of Pregnancy, Infancy and Before Conception) in a human’s life.

Sanskaras – The Ancient Wisdom

Shivkumar Belavadi talks about the sanskaras and the importance of the first 2 years of life.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Shivkumar Belavadi talks about the fusion of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science.

Consciousness in Preconception Stage

As we stand at the threshold, contemplating parenthood, it is important to acknowledge the spiritual nature of our babies. Studies and research now show us that babies have an innately spiritual nature; a transcendental consciousness that is there even before they are conceived. Many people in therapy can access these early preconception memories.     […]

Understanding Epigenetics

The baby is conceived as an idea, a desire in the parent’s mind; a fleeting wish, arising from perhaps simple biology or something bigger. We may now log this under many headings like body clock or planning a baby, starting a family or any other rationale that justifies “it’s time to have a child”. As soon […]

Planning a Pregnancy – Preconception Care Tips

Dr. Urvashi Sehgal shares a few important tips to know before planning a baby.

Alternative Healthcare for general wellbeing

Dr. Urvashi Sehgal talks about her belief in Yoga, Homeopathy, Tai Chi, Ayurveda etc and how it helps in improving quality of life.

Lifestyle Choices before and during Pregnancy

Dr. Urvashi Sehgal explains the importance of healthy lifestyle choices before and during pregnancy.

What to expect during first prenatal visit

Dr. Urvashi Sehgal talks about what happens at your first prenatal appointment.

Environment Induced Abnormalities

Dr. Urvashi Sehgal explains the influence of environment on prenatal development.

Preconception Checklist

Dr. Urvashi Sehgal talks about a few basic dos and don’ts which can help improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Pre-Pregnancy Diet

Dr. Tina Sapra shares a few pre-pregnancy diet and lifestyle tips.

Diet for Fathers to be

Tina Sapra tells you the right diet for fathers to be

Making room for baby

When you are planning a baby, it is important to make room for the baby – not physically but beyond. To know how and what, watch this video!

Parenting Introduction

Here is how you can be the ideal parents to your baby…