About Us

Human Beings are more than a ‘sum of the parts’ as Science tells us. There is more to us right. My Child First is an opportunity to explore yourself and parenthood through the eyes of a child.

ABOUT My Child First

My Child First (MCF) is born from the experience of the founders as they journeyed through parenthood. This experience resonated with their ideas, beliefs, instinct and intuition. The ancient wisdom and modern science and everything in the middle is nothing more than pathways to enrich our lives. A wise man once said “If it’s the truth it is universal”.In times of the greatest scientific advancement, we are more conflicted in our creative and vulnerable time of child bearing and rearing. We, at MCF, believe all parents want to do the very best for their children, yet not one way is the best way. In fact, a parent’s loving intent, fueled by the biology of parenthood, is the best path for your parenthood journey.   

My Child First offers an opportunity to families, to collect information in diverse ways, explore it and find what works best for them and their children. Here, at My Child First, we see the world as collaborative, seeking commonalities rather than differences, solutions rather than problems, supporting, understanding and respecting choices.Most importantly, at MCF our children come first.