Ultrasound Evaluation of Amniotic Fluid Volume

Understand how amniotic fluid is calculated by ultrasound and its usefulness for baby and during pregnancy in this video

Amniotic fluid is the fluid around the fetus where the fetus survives in the entire, womb. So that’s a very essential part of normal fetal physiology. Amniotic fluid may be as per the distinction age depends upon the race and the ethnicity of the population. So you cannot take one blind calculation of taking amniotic fluid from this to these limits.

There are two ways to calculate the amniotic fluid. One is we take the maximum depth of amniotic fluid in the uterus, and in the and if the amniotic fluid depth is less than two, which we say is less, anything more than eight is said to be accessible. And if you calculate the amniotic fluid index it has a lot of variabilities. So normal amniotic fluid index varies from 8 to 25 depending on different levels of pregnancy. But for Indian standard we’ve seen, this is like an American standardization. But in India, we don’t have normal standardizations. So around 8 to 20 is supposed to be within the normal limits. And that too depends upon the weeks of pregnancy.