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Baby’s Connection Pathways

So we have recognized at least about 20 different primitive reflexes of the baby. And some of them are very crucial for the baby to actually go and attach with the mother’s breast and like…






Beginning Of Milk Production

So we’re starting to tune into the natural sense of the body, right? And the body is very intelligent, and it also prepares itself for the process of life because it’s not fragmented. It’s a…

Labor & Birth





Importance Of Position During Labor

Various positions in labor are very important because the worst position is actually lying on your back because that’s when fetal distress happens the most. So what I do is I let the mother lead…

Courses and Workshops

Breastfeeding Workshop

Are you in your 2nd or 3rd Trimester? or a New Parent? In this Breastfeeding workshop, you’ll learn Breastfeeding orientation, Lactation physiology, Preparation for labour, Breast Crawl and Practical’s tips – positioning, latch, hunger and full cues.

Workshop – Labyrinth for Labor and Birth

Childbirth Preparation Course

Our Childbirth Preparation series includes Anatomy and Physiology of Birth, Navigating Labourland, Comfort measures, Welcoming the Baby, Breastfeeding Orientation, Hospital routines and interventions & Birth Plans.

Sentient Baby Course

This course facilitates parent to be to look at the baby’s coming into this world and their home through the baby’s eyes. If you are interested in our blueprints & imprints, how we come into form, welcoming the baby, how the baby gestates parents, exploration & bonding activities, this course is for you! 

Prenatal Bonding Course

The baby comes into this world NOT as a blank slate but with Experiences & Expectations. This course provides the pathways in which you can BOND with your baby & meet their needs.

“Being a first-time mom and witnessing/hearing about painful labours had given up on going for a natural birth. And these classes were so effective in changing my perspective, gained a deeper understanding of my wonderful body, it’s abilities, and also the role of the baby in the birthing process. Divya ma’am’s sessions were meditative and therapeutic. Would recommend all the momma’s and dadda’s-to-be to gift yourself these classes.”

– Steffi Gladson (Joice)


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