Course - The Sentient Baby

Price: INR 3500
Course Delivery – E-learning modules and Live interaction once a month.
The Sentient Baby Course Includes the following:

Module 1 - Introduction

Who am I, Exploring Consciousness, Integrated Self, Welcoming Consciousness

Module 2 - Elemental Concepts

BluePrint & Imprint, Epigenetics, Mother-Infant Bonding and the Intelligence of the Heart

Module 3 - Coming into Form

Story of Conception, Ancient Wisdom - Sanskaras, Biology of Belief

Module 4 - Coming into Being
Baby Movements - the pathway to emotion and interaction, The awakening of the Senses, Multiple Intelligences, Knowing the Unborn
Module 5 - Welcoming the Baby
Coming into the world, Imprints from Birth, What babies Want
Module 6 - Baby Gestates the Parent
The baby is changing the mother
Module 7 - Exploration and Bonding Activities
Journalling activity, Sentence Stemming, Listening to the body, Making your Health Plan, Reading
Module 8 - Additional Resources


Welcoming the Baby is the most important module of this course as per my opinion which talks about the importance of birth and its paradigms. A possibly very important module where the family prepares to meet the baby. Currently, as I have become aware, birth is seen as a pathological process. but indeed it physiological process, where communication happens between mother and baby, where baby tells that I am ready to come out and we don’t decide when it should come out. Thanks for mentioning the childbirth classes in this module, because after knowing all the rich information while they have done the course, they will be equipped to choose the best educator that is available/accessible to them.  ~ Subashini Sreeram

Additional Articles and Videos

Sanskaras – The Ancient Wisdom

Shivkumar talks about the sanskaras and the importance of the first 2 years of life…

Prenatal and Perinatal Period

Shivkumar Belavadi talks about Prenatal (before birth) and Perinatal (around birth) Period and their importance…

Power of the subconscious mind and the Golden Period

Shivkumar talks about the importance of Golden Period (Period of Pregnancy, Infancy, and Before Conception)…

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Shivkumar talks about the fusion of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science and how these sanskaras…


Epigenetics is made up of the word epi and genetics. But what does it really…

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these classes Pre-recorded or Live?

These classes are all pre-recorded and can be taken at your pace, at your home and at your convenience

Who is the instructor?

Divya Deswal is a certified childbirth educator with 20 years of experience as a birth doula, a HypnoBirthing childbirth educator-fertility practitioner, a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist. She has held hands of more than 350 women/couples during pregnancy.

Are there any live interactions during the course?

Yes, we meet once a month, for our Open House where any questions, doubts are cleared.  

Are there any hidden costs for the course?

No there aren’t any hidden costs. The price is all-inclusive.

How long can I access these classes post registration?

You can access our e-learning platform and its content for 4 months from the date of registration.


The content shared in the “Elemental concept” is really amazing, the way the baby comes into form, the way amniotic fluid, placenta are created, the role of epigenetics, and especially the heart resonance. I loved it. The connection of heart and neurons are well explained ~ Tejasree Sivakumar Reddy

To me, it felt like content, which we don’t get to listen to much or often. There are amazing facts, fascinating points, places where one gets emotional ( in a good way), places where you get a magical feeling which is truly great. The content will definitely take the parents even closer to the baby, understand them better, and connect with them.~ Manjari Santhanagopal