Power of the subconscious mind and the Golden Period

Shivkumar talks about the importance of Golden Period (Period of Pregnancy, Infancy, and Before Conception) in one’s life

What’s this golden period? It comprises the period of pregnancy, a period of infancy, and the period before conception. Aggregating it comes to what 1000 odd days and this period called the golden period is a really powerful and potent period. Why is it so potent? Why is it so powerful? I think a diamond should come from science.

It tells us that when we opted as conscious human beings that are operating with a conscious mind with conscious memory and we are into transactions. We operate through our senses and then we operate with the conscious mechanism. Our faculties are endowed in such a, such a manner that we pick up about 40 signals per second.

And what’s a signal. It could be a signal of color, sound, touch. Anyone that you gathered through your senses. So I can see that somebody is sitting in front of me in black clothing. I know that, uh, there is a person to the left of them, there was a sound happening somewhere in the ambiance. I can, I can gather or pick up all of these and call them a set of signals.

I pick up 40 signals with my conscious mind. So at this instant as a conscious adult, I’m transacting with another person through a capacity of 40 signals per second. Guess, what a baby, which is there in the womb or in this subconscious period, which operates completely in the subconscious range of frequencies. How many signals does it pick up a second, 40 million, indeed!

Four crore signals per second. Two to four crore signals per second in the subconscious realm, compared to 40 in the conscious adult. That’s the comparison of the power of the subconscious to the conscious.