What Childbirth class should you go to.

Divya Deswal explains how to choose the right Childbirth class, what to expect from it and what to look from it

When people say we’re going to a childbirth class, a lot of information comes their way. Depending on who’s giving the information. There are people who say, Oh my God, my childbirth class, it helped me prepare. I had a lovely time. Some people say, really, you can learn all you want, but when it happens, it goes out of the window.

And then there could be your mother who would shave. Childbirth class. We never went to any class, but we had the babies and perhaps your grandmother would giggle and say, really they’re teaching these things now. So it’s a little bit confusing. What kind of childbirth class, what kind of preparation class should you go to?

Firstly, let’s look at ourselves as we are today. This is the age of information and information is power. Go to a childbirth class that gives you information about the natural process. You will never know what the deviation is or what the variation is. If you didn’t know what natural was, go to a class that offers you all kinds of options, both have pros and cons, but not the opinion of the person teaching you that class goes to a child with a class that is in allowance of you as an individual.

Not all women are alike. Not all births are alike, not everybody stories at night. So why should one size of births fit all go to a class where you can meet other people like you, where you can look at the possibility of having a baby joyfully that inspires you. There are many different classes that are available.

Some classes are generically taught by medical professionals in the hospital. And that will give you information on what happens in a hospital. Then there are branded classes like Lamaze. There are childhood educators that teach a traditional class or that teacher class that is modified or adapted to you.

There are classes that use art. There are classes that use hypnosis like hypnobirthing. There’s a wide variety of them. Go talk to the instructor’s group, talk to the educators, but finally. None the art of deciding with what feels right for you, right? No.

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