Yoga Poses & Exercises – Importance of Prenatal Yoga

Dr. Manali Grover explains a few important points to consider while doing Prenatal Yoga and its benefits during pregnancy

There are a few things which you should consider before you start yoga in pregnancy. First, always inform your healthcare provider, before you start with prenatal yoga sessions during your pregnancy. Second, always be well-hydrated when you practice yoga during your pregnancy. Third, it’s ideal to practice yoga three to four times a week for 45 to 60 minutes per session. Never hold your breath, when you practice yoga, always be in awareness of your breath.

There are numerous benefits, as to why you should be doing yoga during pregnancy. Let me summarize a few of them for you. First, breathlessness is one of the major concerns which women face during the last trimester, especially during the last trimester. Yoga provides a great amount of relief in breathlessness.

All your body pains reduce to a great extent when you practice yoga. Yoga helps to improve your pelvic floor and your pelvic flexibility and endurance, which helps to reduce your labor time and also helps to recover postnatally.

Yoga has numerous benefits. So it’s not only recommended, but it’s highly advisable that you practice yoga. The ideal time to start your yoga practice would be the second trimester.