Bonding with the baby during pregnancy

Divya Deswal gives tips to bond with your baby during pregnancy and how important it is to establish right from the womb

Did you know that your baby is a conscious being right from conception? What an idea that is. Well, too many it may be a very strange idea, but here we believe in that, we believe that babies are sentience conscious beings, that they are divine little beings. So one of the very nice gifts you can prepare for your baby for later in life is to start to write a journal, right from the time that you get to know that you’re pregnant or even before when you’ve decided to have a baby.

That journal can have a little bit of news from what is happening in the world today. It can have a few feelings that you felt when you discovered that you were pregnant. When things, when you went for your first doctor’s visit, when you shared the news with your family, it could have pictures of you as you are right now, how your home is, and it could have sentiments from the father, from the rest of the family, and everyday record.

That says that why I was carrying you. I was sharing that time with you, and I know that you knew it, that you felt it, and that you shared it with me.

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