The Breast Crawl

Divya talks about Breast Crawl, Newborn behavioural phases, and how to understand them while being in sync with the baby

This baby, when he’s born to the rest of the world is a helpless, flailing, crying little creature. But did you know that this baby is coded or designed to be with the mother in a very specific way? And that is he is able to like every other mammal crawl and come to the breast and start breastfeeding. After all, we are mammals and this setup has a very clear sequence.

So babies are born and they will be a birth cry. And then there’ll be a relaxation because birth was hard work. Whoa. I’ve made it out! That cry will make sure that I’ve taken a breath and now I can relax. And then he will begin to look around and his brain will trigger off or the gears will turn to the next step.

And then he will start to see his surroundings. He will awaken he will begin to focus towards the breast. That big carula is calling to the baby saying I’m here. His reflexes will help him move, which means he can push against the mother’s belly and actually move upwards. He will also bring his hand to his mouth and start suckling movements.

The hand is carrying the smell of his amniotic fluid, which happens to be the same as the smell on the mother’s breast. And then he will find his way to the breast, attached to the breast, suckle, get sued, get early golden colostrum, and sleep. And this coming into the world is a way of his brain, you know, like a new computer with a startup disc. Is the way his brain starts up to say, well, I have come from the watery world to this world of gravity and I have begun to live.

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