Ayurveda – Fifth month of Pregnancy

Know the importance of the fifth month of pregnancy, what all organs develop and what are they called in Ayurveda

The fifth month of pregnancy is very interesting in Ayurveda. As per Ayurvedic classical text, the mind is formed during the fifth month – ‘Manas’. There are two types of concepts in Ayurveda for ‘Manas’ – manasik. Gunas and manasik doshas – what are these manasik gunas? There are three types of mind – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.

When we see good people, we always say he’s a Sattvic type. Sadhu’s – very well balanced mind, homeless people or satvik. That is having a very well-balanced mind, respect for elders, and not doing any harmful activities. All these are the ‘satvik gunas’. This is called Sattva, which is a type of manasik guna.

Rajas – Rajas is a little bit of aggressive mood type of person and Tamas – Tamas is a little bit of a sluggish mood type of person. So three, these three are the manasik gunas. When the fetal development takes place during the fifth month and this manasik gunas are formed, then the woman herself is responsible for the development of such quality of her child.

She should be kept very, very happy during this time because the development of the mind is very, very important. Otherwise, the fetus will be inflicted with manasik doshas because sattva gunas we are not calling as doshas. It’s not a faulty person. And when Rajas and Tamas exhibit in the fetus child, fetus then it becomes doshas.

That’s why during the fifth month she should be allowed to see her parents and lots of sanskaras takes place. When the parents visit her, have a function, give her sweets; all those takes place during the fifth month in our tradition.