Ayurveda – Recommended Diet in Third Trimester

Know what all you should, in particular, start taking from the seventh month in order to have complete formation of fetus

During the third trimester, let’s start from the seventh month. The seventh month, during the seventh month, the complete formation of the fetus takes place. From this month we have to start taking curd; so far we were telling about milk, ghee, butter, but from the seventh month onwards, the pregnant woman can start having curd.

The curd has the quality of giving stability – sthiratum. That’s why we Ayurvedic physicians advise a pregnant woman to take curd from seven month onwards. In the eighth month, the wargis will be unstable. If you take curd it we give some spirit and the nine-month also, the complete nourishment is required. So the curd will give a lot of nourishment in the last trimester. It’s not like since I’m telling curd should be taken, you should avoid milk and ghee. But in addition to the curd, if the pregnant woman feels like taking because she’s delivering, her craving should be attended to.

So if she feels like taking milk, she can take, ghee she can take butter she can take but, the curd is a very important factor during the last trimester as it is very important to remember. During the eighth month, when, the female is weak because of unstable vergis or just when she’s looking very tired. She will also experience a lot of digestive disturbances during the day, like constipation, back pain, weakness of the legs.

So Ayurveda advises medicated Elina, that’s called Anuvasanawasthi during the eighth month only during the eight-month. That will relieve her constipation, weakness, give strength, and improve her weakness. And during the nine months, Ayurveda advises to apply in form of tampons, vaginal tampons, so that it gives the pelvis to improve for the normal delivery.