Ayurveda – Importance of diet in Pregnancy

Know all about how to have a perfect yet wholesome Ayurvedic dietary plan for the overall fetal development

Diet in Ayurveda plays a very important role in the development of the fetus. When I say diet, people raise their eyebrows and ask, oh, Ayurveda gives a dietary plan for each and every problem. But I just want to say you that the diet is for your keeping, your health and diet are for your personality and diet is not for your problems.

Likewise, for excellent fetal development, there is a beautiful dietary plan in Ayurveda. Ayurveda always says – Shiram and Ghritam; shiram is milk and ghritam is ghee. Shiram and Ghritam are ‘Nitya rasayanas’. What is ‘Nitya’ – daily. If you take this in your diet daily, they are very good antioxidants and keeps you always young, it prevents aging.

It always keeps you young. It also removes the free radicals and it acts as the best antioxidants. This is the Rasayana concept in Ayurveda. Similarly, even for a pregnant woman, the products of the milk are very, very important, and accordingly every month, right from milk, curd, buttermilk, ghee, butter plays a major role in the development of the fetus.