Understanding Conception the Ayurveda way

Dr. Vanitha Muralikumar tells you all about the conception in the Ayurveda way. Watch this short video to decode

Every one of us comes to this universe with a beautiful union of sperm and ovum. What is this sperm and ovum in Ayurveda? The sperm is called the ‘shukradhatu’ and the ovum is called the ‘shonita’ in Ayurveda; in combination forms the soul. That is the attma and these three combination forms as a ‘garbha’ during the first month.

During the first month of pregnancy, how does this formation looks like is beautifully explained in all the samhitas like Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and kaushika samhitas – ‘pratyame maase kalalam jaayate’.

It will look like one day, like jelly; it will look like a flem that’s coming out of a rose. This is the beautiful formation of shukra, shoumita and attma during the first month of pregnancy.