Divya Deswal, Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer

Divya Deswal is a certified childbirth educator with 20 years of experience as a birth doula, a HypnoBirthing childbirth educator-fertility practitioner, a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist. She has held hands of more than 350 women/couples during pregnancy in the last 10 years.



Tanvi Sharma, Co-Founder

A mommy of two boys, Tanvi conceived the idea of My Child First during her first pregnancy. She and her husband while researching various aspects of childbirth and rearing including garbhsanskar, epigenetics, sleep, diet etc couldn’t find a single place where they could get authentic, scientifically-backed information which they could trust.  And hence Tanvi decided to partner with Divya Deswal, who was their child-birth educator and doula during both of her pregnancies, to launch My Child First with an aim to empower parents-to-be and parents with information that is easy to understand in the form of short videos.