Choosing the right doctor & hospital during pregnancy

Divya Deswal talks about how to choose a doctor and hospital during pregnancy, and why it is vital to have the right one

So you are seeing your doctor many, many times before the baby actually comes. How much time does she spend with you? Do you feel like you’ve been paid attention to? Have your questions have been answered? Have you been given an explanation for the tests and other procedures she wants to do? Do you feel that you’re being a part of decision making?

Do you also feel that it is something that you have done together as a team baby, rather than something that has been done to you? How much attention has she paid to the fact that the information may stress you or you may not understand it, her interaction with you will be a great radar for you to decide if this doctor fits well with you.

And then, choosing the hospital that fits well as well, becomes important. Ultimately this choice will come from your own gut feeling.

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