Making room for baby

When you are planning a baby, it is important to make room for the baby – not physically but beyond. To know how and what, watch this video!

So you’re planning to have a baby. The question is not why you’re having a baby. The question is that are you making room in your life for the baby? This room can be a physical place. It could be an emotional place. Think of it as I’m going to have somebody to share my life with. Just like you made that transition when you chose a partner or started to live in a community.

This idea of how to make room for the baby would involve you diving deep into your emotional profile. How was childhood for you? How was your own birth? What has been your life’s experiences? Because each one of these experiences is held in your body as a memory. And if they are charged emotionally, they can contribute to the way your health is and the health of the baby will be.

Simply right from the beginning for conception, we need to have a certain hormonal profile that helps with germ health division, which is ovulation or production of sperms. These hormones are produced in our podiatry, which takes it a signal from the hypothalamus. That is like a storage GPS. Bad memory or triggering of emotionally charged memories will make all the substances that make good hormones diminish or stop completely sometimes by releasing, reflecting, and resolving our own charged memories, experiences, forgiving gratitude can help us produce healthy lives and healthy babies.

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