Parenting Introduction

When you decide to be a parent, it is you who is going to be the expert and is going to put together for yourself and the baby

Hi, you’re watching this video. So I am quite sure that you’re considering parenthood, thinking of having a baby, are pregnant, or are a new parent, so welcome! We want to put forth an idea, an idea about that parenting or baby is not in parts. You’re not going to learn information from experts. But you are going to be the expert who’s going to put it together for yourself and for your baby.

So I’m going to start with a simple idea. We all know birth because we were born and everything we need to become parents, to be parents, and to parent is already encoded in us. We’re just going to take this opportunity to break it down into parts so that it’s simplified for us to put it back together and be the kind of parent we truly want to be, or the kind of parent we wish we had or did have.

So let’s start with what makes us who we are. And we could say that it is genetics. We could say it is upbringing. We could say it is the environment. And all of them will be true. So we’re going to take the next few videos to understand what makes us who we are.

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