Environment Induced Abnormalities

Dr. Urvashi explains the influence of environment on prenatal development and how it impacts the babies development

There are a lot of many women coming with ultrasounds that show up abnormal babies, and there may be no previous history in their family. So it’s just out of the blue, low-risk pregnancy, first time pregnant and there is an abnormality and one doesn’t know why this happened. So, this is definitely on the rise and, we have to think about what is there in our environment or lifestyle or thinking that is leading to this.

And the same goes for immunological immune system dysfunctions because the immune system has to modify itself to accommodate the baby and the placenta nature does it beautifully. But, nowadays, we see immune mal-adjustments on the rise, and this is affecting fertility, miscarriage, miscarriages that are happening, the placental function, leading to growth restriction and preeclampsia, and many such problems.

And, the immune system mal-adjustments could, again, we could attribute it to again, what is what we are taking in from our environment, from our food, our thoughts, our lifestyle, so many things.