What to expect during first prenatal visit

Dr. Urvashi Sehgal talks about what happens at your first prenatal appointment, what to expect, and ask in it

So the first prenatal visit is generally made after the couple has discovered that they’re pregnant and the pregnancy test is positive. And so when they come for the visit, first of all, this is confirmed in the office of the doctor, whether the test is actually positive and then a very detailed history is elicited regarding you know, the gynecological history, the medical history, the family history.

And if there are any other conditions that they have gone through, also any smoking, alcohol, or any other substances that they might have been using. And after the history has been completed, a general checkup is done of the whole system and to rule out anything, which could be something that, that has to be addressed.

And. If this is about six to eight weeks of from the last menstrual period, an ultrasound, which is for dating and viabilities offered. And by that one can calculate the due date also. And a battery of tests is also written out, which includes a urine test and blood tests to again, check the confirm the blood group.

To check the antibodies to certain problems like German measles and chickenpox, as well as ruling out thyroid problems, blood sugar, infections that are done. And, advice is given as to lifestyle changes based on the examination and prenatal prescribed again. And then the next visit can be scheduled and emergency numbers and helpline numbers are given.