Weight gain during pregnancy

Dr. Urvashi Sehgal explains the amount of weight you gain during pregnancy, trimester wise and what WHO recommends

So the WHO recommendation on weight gain for a healthy, well-nourished woman is about 10 to 15 kg in the nine months of pregnancy. And the weight gain in the first trimester can be nothing or about a kg. In the second trimester, it can be about three to four kgs and in the rest, in the third trimester about a half kg a week or two kgs a month, but human bodies are not, you know that specific and everybody has their own pace at which they gain weight.

And a person who is overweight, to begin with will gain much less and should gain much less while a woman who’s underweight will gain more weight and that is completely all right. And, the important thing is not to gain too much weight or to lose weight in pregnancy.