Lifestyle Choices before and during Pregnancy

Dr. Urvashi Sehgal explains the importance of healthy lifestyle choices before and during pregnancy and how it impacts the baby

So when I say lifestyle, it consists of eating habits, your exercising, your sleeping, and your thinking. Eating habits should be healthy, organic. One should avoid processed foods, foods with additives, preservatives, even fruits, for instance, we think foods are healthy, but if we don’t ensure that we’ve cleaned them thoroughly, of all the pesticides or powders that are put on these fruits to ripen them, they can be harmful too. Eating on time, not eating what is called junk food and fast food.

Refined sugars, trans fats, and eating not too much or not too little, not no crash diets and consistency in what one is eating, keeping an optimum weight, exercise is another very important thing in lifestyle. So not exercising like crazy, but exercising, which pays attention to your cardio, which pays attention to flexibility, strengthening joint mobilization, and it should be consistent and make you feel good.

And about stress management and anxiety – one has to work on one’s mind and take help of practices like yoga, different kinds of meditation, breathing exercises, and, sometimes just getting together with people who you feel good. Right thinking positively and not encouraging negative thoughts.

Negativity is, has a very big impact on one’s health. And there is a strong mind-body connection and what we think is what we become. So we must believe it and practice that.