Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Dr. Urvashi Sehgal explains the expected schedule of the ultrasound during pregnancy and what all does it indicate

Ultrasounds are done at different times in the pregnancy. The first important ultrasound, which is at 12 weeks, gives us a lot of information about whether there is any risk or increased risk of certain chromosomal abnormalities. And also about the general formation of the brain and the limbs and the heart, basic information about that.

And the second important ultrasound which is done at around 20 weeks is a detailed anatomy scan where you can see the organs, the brain in more detail. And, limbs, also the fingers, the toes, the face. And this gives us information about if there are any abnormalities and the couple should be informed, and then they make their choices on basis of what they are comfortable with the later ultrasounds, which are either middle of the third trimester or end of the third trimester.

Tell us about placental location, which is very important to know that it’s not placenta previa, and also the placental functioning, the weight of the baby, and the amount of amniotic fluid, which tells us that if this is a lower risk heading towards a very normal cause then we can keep waiting for this person to deliver whenever she goes into labor and we don’t have to do anything to cut short the pregnancy.

So basically ultrasounds are helpful in reassuring us that things are going well, but nothing is a hundred percent and they do give a disclaimer at the end of their report. So we have to trust our clinical judgment also and then that goes hand in hand.