Endometriosis and PCOS treatment through Acupuncture

Dr. Aadil Khan talks about Acupuncture as a treatment modality for and Endometriosis and PCOS and how safe it is

So in today’s time when you know life is so hectic, everybody is on a run. I get a lot of girls who are suffering from PCOS and endometriosis or adenomyosis. Now the root cause of these problems is always unknown. You’ll never know what is the root cause. But one common pattern that I have seen in most of my patients is hormonal imbalance.

Genetics also do play a huge role in this, but 90% is hormonal imbalance, not hormonal imbalance can be because of various reasons. It can be because of your lifestyle issues, it can be because of your sleeping pattern. It can be because of the stressful environment around you. It can be because of nutritional deficiencies.

There can be many more. I’m just giving you a very general thing that I see in my clinical practice, so anybody who’s going through all of this. Trust me acupuncture is one of the best ways to help you with this. I do treat a lot of infertility clear cases in my clinic. I give you an example of a patient that I have treated last year.

She had endometriosis because of that, she was not being able to conceive, and she had two IVF and both of them got failed. So she got my reference through someone and she started consulting me. The first day she came for the consultation. First of all, I sat down and told her, before you plan anything, you need to give me four months to make a healthy uterus environment or a healthy environment in your abdomen, you’ll be able to conceive.

She agreed to it. She gave me four months, and after four months she conceived naturally. Her endometriosis was gone and she delivered a healthy baby in a natural way without C-section, and it was all done through acupuncture, with few supplementations, and a lot of diet restriction with some exercise.

All of you also can be treated very well with this modality of treatment. If you do consult a good acupuncturist. Consulting, a good acupuncturist is very important, as a lot of acupuncturists will not be able to handle the hormonal cases in my personal experience.