How acupuncture helps during breech baby

Dr. Aadil Khan explains in this video how acupuncturist can assist in turning breech babies without any medical interventions

Breach baby in which the position of the baby is or the baby movement is not there. Acupuncture is one of the best methods to help you with that, and it can be given after the 30th week. The best time is actually the 32 or 33rd week, but you can start giving it from the 30th week. One of the best points that are used for breech baby is UB67 not that point can be very well activated through Moxham.

The Chinese hub that I was talking about, that is a combination of a herb and charcoal. When you burn it and put it on that point that activates that point. Now. The reason it is so helpful it is that at this time around 30th week or 31st week or 32nd week you cannot make frequent rounds to an acupuncturist, so whenever you go to an acupuncturist, he can teach you how to use this moxa herb, and you can very well stimulate that point at your home on your own without going to him.