Pregnancy & Nail Health

Dr. Syed Nazim explains how just like skin and hair, pregnancy affects nails and what to expect when you are in this crucial phase

The second thing which was discussed is about the nails. So nails more or less become more brittle. Like the nails become more brittle during pregnancy, but nothing to very nothing specific because of the hydration is very important in this case. And occasionally there can be there’s called, not only can mycosis there’s the fungal infection of nails it’s very common during pregnancy.

So our thickening of the nail plates does happen occasionally. So these are the certain nail conditions that happen, but proper nail care is something normal routine. We should do no need to go for any pedicure manicure and things like that, which eventually can lead to infection.

And so simple nail care, which is recommended. We all do at home is, is more than sufficient.