What is a Childbirth Education Class

Neha Misra Mutluru explains how a childbirth education class can help to-be-parents and families during pregnancy

Hi, my name is Neha Misra Mutluru and I am a Lamaze certified childbirth educator and a birth doula currently based in Delhi. Through my childhood preparation workshops, I try to help expecting parents to be well informed and prepared and, so that they can embrace this journey of pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, and parenting with all the confidence and love.

And as a birth doula, I try to help mothers and babies, to have a positive birth experience and carry good memories out of this journey of birthing. So a childbirth class at a very basic level is to help you have the right information and be prepared, through your pregnancy, during birth, and after.

The objective of a childbirth class, according to me are broadly in three parts: the first is that the fact that today, when we live in an information age and you’re overloaded with information, and unfortunately, sometimes this can leave us feeling confused and doubtful about what are the right choices for us and leaves us feeling fearful. So the first objective of a good childbirth class is to give you the good, relevant information in a simple manner so that you understand what’s going on and why is this happening. And it helps you to make informed choices. This not only helps you to approach this journey with confidence, but it makes you believe that you’ve got this.

The second objective I would say of a childbirth class is un-learning. So the reality is that both are something that comes to us, to women very naturally. And we have been designed to give birth, to have to experience a healthy pregnancy, birth, and parenting with ease. However, because of the way our life is and the conditioning that we have received from the environment we forget this. So sometimes it’s just about realizing that you’ve got what it’s needed and reaching within you to find that innate birthing wisdom and approach this process without any self-doubt.

The other thing I think about childbirth is that it’s not just about giving birth to a baby. Childbirth is also giving birth to parents. And so this journey through pregnancy and during this journey through pregnancy, you’re also developing being parents and that’s really important. So being able to realize that the power lies within you, and this is really your journey.

You know, there are childhood educators, doctors, nurses, lactation counselors, who are there to help you, but this is really your experience and your journey, and you need to own it and you need to enjoy it. I think if you can come out of a childbirth class realizing that not only are you set for a good birthing experience, you’re set to a really good start to do parenting.