Determine the estimated due date

Know from this short video as to what is the best indicator of the due date and how it is calculated basis your ultrasound scan

No, there’s a lot of confusion about when the baby will be born. And the best indicator is the first scan because, at eight weeks, the accuracy is about plus or minus three days. At 12 weeks it’s plus or minus five days, it keeps increasing with time at about 20 weeks it’s plus or minus one and a half week.

At 30 weeks at 35 weeks, it can be plus or minus two weeks. So the best indicator is the first scan and you should rely upon the first scan to figure out the time of the age of the baby. That’s important because people will go to 36 weeks, the baby scan will say 38 weeks and they will think that the baby is growing.

And the baby should be out, but it’s not true. On the other hand, if the baby is 34 weeks, that means that the baby is not growing according to the gestation age. Gestation age is fixed by the first scan, ideally the eight weeks scan. Well, the five weeks can eight weeks. The first time we start seeing the fetus and the heartbeat, that’s the time. That’s the first dating scan.