Colour Doppler and 3D scan

Understand the difference between ultrasounds – colour Doppler and 3D scan through this short video by Dr. Uppals

There is a difference between a color scan and a 3D scan. There’s a lot of confusion between that. A 3D scan only shows us the superficial structures and that scan is shown in a golden view. So people think it’s not in the colored scan. The color scan is actually technically a colored offer. That shows the blood vessels in a, in a red, in the blue color.

So that’s actually a color Doppler, not a colored scan. So nowadays there’s confusion because most of the people think that it’s a color thing shown so it’s a 3D. No, actually color Doppler means the blood supplies to be seen to the fetus from the mother, the umbilical, and the cerebral, but a color scan does not indicate a color, Doppler. Colored Doppler is different and a 3D scan is different.