Counselling before ultrasound scan

Know why it is important for you to get appropriate information prior to tests/procedures done and even an ultrasound

For any diagnostic procedure, whether it’s a blood test or whether there’s an ultrasound, the patient should have at least some idea about the investigation and they should have some idea about what they’re expecting. Because there have been occasions when a person says I got an eight-week scan and everything was normal.

And now you’re saying that the spine is deformed. Why didn’t you tell me at eight weeks? Like that kind of experience then, you know, it’s a setback for the whole technology. People should understand what is expected at that time. And if they understand that then it makes our task easier also. But there, you know, now with Google around, people read too much also that is the flip side of too much information because the little small thing becomes a big issue.

So I think the appropriate information should be all visible to the patient, preferably by the person who’s done the investigation.