When to check Breech Pregnancy through Ultrasound

Understand when to check for Breech baby position and what to expect from your ultrasound that would determine this

The position of the baby should not be mentioned in the first and the second trimester scans at all because the position of the baby is so variable and keeps on changing position often. You should start mentioning the position of the baby at 30 weeks at least you get a clue if the baby is breech and if it’s otherwise, we are happy.

It’s unlikely to turn breech. But if it’s a breach, then you can keep a follow-up ABC or just once before she delivers to see what is the final position of the baby. So indications would be definitely a C-sec, if it’s a breach, chances of a normal delivery are unlikely. But people should know, it’s not that the 34 weeks breech pregnancy is going to end up in a C-sec.

We can re-scan the position at 38 weeks and take a call.