Ultrasound Scan findings in Pregnancy

Know more about what information can ultrasound scans provide at varied stages of pregnancy and what they mean

Now the baby’s growth starts from a single cell to a fully grown baby, as what a patient calls a baby, right. For us, it is a fetus at eight weeks. We’d see a heartbeat. We can hardly see the anatomy and that’s okay at that stage. And we take a CRL – Crown Rump Length, which gives us an assessment of the age.

Then we come to the 12-week scan where apart from the CRL, we also see the amniotic fluid, you can see the head, you can see the eyeballs, you can see the trunk, you can figure out the long bones. And you know, there are certain values, which are a part of the scan, like the NT and ICT, which are, they are normal to babies’ growth.

Then at 20 weeks, again, the head size, the abdominal size, the long bones, the fluid. Whatever organs are inside, whatever we can see, that’s all part of the growth scans. Then subsequently at 30 weeks, all the organs are inside, but we cannot take a call at that time on every little thing, but we broadly see the baby’s growth.

If the growth is okay, the amniotic fluid is okay, the head circumference is okay and the long bones are okay. That is normal growth. Any aberrations of the same are abnormal.