Hair changes during and post pregnancy

Dr. Syed Nazim explains how hormones during pregnancy can affect hair growth all over the body during and post-pregnancy

So, this is a question that has been frequently asked. So what are the changes that happen in hair? Like a lot of women do come to me and they have a lot of hair fall after pregnancy and they may ask, so what are the preventions, precautions? What should we expect? And all! So again, as I said, it’s a physiological condition.

And because of those hormones, which I already discussed and a lot of effect on every part of the body and the hair is again, one of them, one of the simply the areas where we need to discuss and give proper information. So in a woman, especially in Indian skin type, we are grouped in Fitzpatrick, skin type four.

So we are little tan skin people. Yes. There is a difference between South Indians and North Indians. But more or less, we are in skin types three and four. So what happens to a woman’s body with respect to the hair? So if you notice that, what can we expect? It is, there’s a condition called hyper Hirsutism.

So here she doesn’t miss a condition where there’s an increased hair, grown on undesired areas on woman’s bodies. Like, for example, there’s an increase in hair growth around the lips or the chin or the face or elsewhere, also the chest and elsewhere. But the rest of the body, a woman can have hair, which is natural.

So this condition called Hirsutism can happen to increased hair growth. Because of the stewardess surge in a woman’s body can happen around the face. And you can notice women do have hairy faces when they expect the pregnancy, which is normal. And at this stage, if I talk about here about the prevention precautions and doing hair reduction laser is not a contraindication.

It’s not going to harm you. If somebody is doing a hair reduction laser for her hair and all and for her face and all; she can carry on during pregnancy. It’s not as such we are doing like, like a CT scan or x-rays where it’s a completely no, no, because of the radiations, these lasers are the heat. So one of the conditions here I talk about is the increased hair growth around the face can happen now more or less, we don’t have hair fall in pregnancy.

Let’s be very clear, but immediately after the pregnancy, as at the placenta, It’s taken out from, from woman’s uterus and immediately there are these hormones, which have been there supporting the feet. They all go down and there’s a condition called a delusion fluent. So delusion is a stage of hair where the hair is investing stages about to fail for, like we have, like, if you consider the spring-summer, autumn and winter to like, like on a tree, this during winters are before autumn and during autumn-winter hair happen to shed. The same thing happens is just that’s the stage I can call delusion. So there’s a delusion called iflow, which means it increases.

So we have increased shedding of hair after pregnancy and it, it can be there till six months, but if it’s beyond six months and that you need to consult a dermatologist or if it is too serious. There is a female pattern, baldness, happening, like pattern baldness happening like you can notice where the woman part their hair there’s complete visibility of scalp.

So you exit an alarming condition that could be because of nutritional imbalances and a lot of deficiencies of nutrition deficiency, or some hormonal imbalances where you need to consult the dermatologist. So if I conclude what happens to hair is like you can expect more hair growth on facial areas and even the scalp, because the antigen stage, the growing stage of hair is very high during the pregnancy and immediately post pregnancy postpartum, you can notice that there’s no more hair growth around the face, but there’s shedding of hair on from on the scalp. And if it is too serious, then we need to consult a dermatologist.