Hormones and its effects on skin during pregnancy

Dr. Syed talks about how pregnancy hormones affect your skin and how things change internally and externally for a woman

So well, today, we are going to speak about pregnancy and what are its effects on our skin, hair, and nails..fine! So, pregnancy as such is a state of condition. It’s an immunological condition where we have different changes that do happen, and these are all physiological. It’s not a condition, it’s not a disease.

So in this state, a lot of hormonal changes do happen in a woman’s body. For example, we already have estrogen and testosterone, but when a woman conceives and expects a baby, so the immunity comes down. So there are different sections of cytokines, which rates, for example, in medical terminology, we call them T helper, two cytokines are more elevated.

So those cytokines, these are actually the chemical media, which help a woman to accept the pregnancy and considering that, there is a wide range of changes, which do happen accordingly. For example, we have a surge of progesterone. So progesterone is a hormone that actually helps a fetus to get connected to the endometrial lining of a woman’s uterus.

And seeing likewise at different stages of pregnancy, like one, two, and three that tell the termination, there are different fluctuations of these hormones and accordingly, they do affect our skin and hair and other skin related things. And the same wise, we have a hormone which has never been there in a woman’s body called HCG.

When a woman conceives, and this is a hormone that is detected initially in the urine and the blood is called beta HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. It is created from the placenta and it also helps the woman to conceive and carry on with the pregnancy and it, these hormones do have an effect.

So in the next session, we will be discussing what changes do happen in our body with this hormone. And one more hormone is estrogen. So estrogen also has a DCF, so different hormones. So if we talk, there are beta HCG, which is very important. We have estrogen, we have progesterone and at different stages of pregnancy, they have different.

For example, if somebody has a problem in pregnancy, the gynecologist, support them with progesterone at the initial stages and all, and likewise, the thyroid is equally very, very important. So a lot of steroids and hormones do have a surge during pregnancy and accordingly, they have consequences on our skin.