Skin, Hair and Nail care during Pregnancy

Dr. Syed Nazim explains in this short video a lot about how you can take care of your skin, hair, and nails during pregnancy

Now let’s talk about what we should in terms of what should we take and what should we apply in terms of creams and what should we avoid during pregnancy. So well balanced diet, you know is foremost important during pregnancy, normally a woman has to take a diet for two, one for herself and one for the baby, but equally burning the calories is important.

Like balancing a diet, which is really rich in protein. Most importantly, protein. You know, I don’t want to promote animal protein. There are people who are vegetarians. Yes, protein is important. You can have a good source of animal protein or a plant protein.

The diet rich in milk, the diet which is rich in iron most importantly as most Indian women are deficient in iron and because of iron deficiency, you have anemia and there are consequences secondary to that. And even normally, even if a woman has a lack of glow because of iron. And most importantly, another thing aspect is that hired abnormalities, which are very, very frequent.

You know, that means like if somebody has that, that issues and always have thyroid religion, properly done now, seasonal fruits, like most of us ignore these things. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are something that is very important that should be taken during pregnancy and normal diet regimen.

Gentle exercises like gentle stretching of brisk walking are equally fine, but it depends on which trimester a woman is in, and that can be dealt a, she can be in a consultant, gynecologist regarding that. And most importantly, if we talk about skincare, what should we avoid and what should we use? All the skincare which are rich in parabens, which are rich in like the formula and dyed or aluminum chloride – they should be avoided. And you should always use a sunscreen, but not chemical sunscreens. Because as I said, one of the conditions which happen in pregnancy is tanning of the skin or colasma or melasma. So we don’t want to treat it, but we want to prevent it from further worsening. So what to do is always use a sunscreen, which is a physical sense that could involve that our physical sunscreens, the sunscreens which are rich in zinc oxide.

So much sunscreen should be encouraged during pregnancy. Apart from that, it is important to hydrate the skin. You know, always use good moisturizers, which are rich in sheer butter and which are rich in, like some kind of a little glycerine is equally fine. A lot of good ingredients, to some extent Paraben, can be given out, which, which can be given to hydrate the skin. And these are the hydration is something which is very, very important.