Acupuncture Points and how to stimulate them

Dr. Aadil Khan explains the varied ways and techniques of how acupuncture points can be stimulated to resolve complex issues

So now let me tell you the different ways how we can stimulate these points. Obviously, when it’s about acupuncture. So the first way that comes is you have to stimulate the point for the needle. But there are other modalities that also can be used in case a person cannot take needles or scared of needles or cannot visit an acupuncturist on a daily basis.

So the other modality through which we can stimulate the point – the number one is through massage. Number second is through laser; that is a red light. Number three is moxa. Moxa is a Chinese herb, which is in combination with charcoal. It is made like a stick, like a cigar and you have to burn it and you have to give heat to that acupuncture point through which it activates that point.

The fourth modality is through infrared light. You can activate the acupuncture points through all these modalities, and the effect will almost be the same, but the maximum effect definitely comes through the needle.