The effect of music in prenatal babies

Deanna deCampos talks about the positive effects of music on babies in the womb and how it impacts their learning

We know that our hearing is in place in utero, at about four months, in utero. So we also know that infants and fetuses will, kick and respond, to the sounds that they’re hearing in their environment. We also know from research that infants will actually turn to recognize the sound of the music that they’ve heard in utero after they’re born.

So we know that they’re taking in that information and they’re taking in that music and experience. So we want to make sure that moms that are pregnant are still listening to music. Just like you talk to your baby before it’s born. You can also sing for your baby and, listen to the music that you love before your children are born because that’s going to have an impact on their learning and your experience with them once they’re in the world.