How can music be added to playtime

Deanna deCampos from Music Together talks about different ways music can be added to playtime and its impact on babies

It’s really, really important for families to make music together and so I encourage families at home to get out some instruments, even get out some things that are in the kitchen, some pots and pans, and spoons, and put on some music or start to sing and make your own music at home. It’s so much better than to provide a technology device or put your child in front of the TV, but put those things away and make music together instead so that your child can have the experience of you interacting with them and making music together because children are going to learn to be who they are by watching us do what we do.

So if we make music and we show them the joy of making music, then that’s the message that they get from us. They get that music is fun and music is love and music is magic.

And I want to do that too. So make music with your children at home.