A date, banana wheat cake for baby-led weaning. Sounds good? 

Sunainaa Chadha of Toddler Baker shares her experience of Baby-led weaning and how she created healthy alternatives

So one of the first things I created was a cake for my daughter when she was eight months because she just refused to eat any ingredients. And I wanted to bake her a cake without sugar because we had become a no sugar family ever since I conceived. And, I also want it to be very high in nutrition. So then I experimented with dates and I wanted to give fruit as well.

So then I put in a banana and I decided to sweeten it with date and banana and I wanted to keep it dairy-free and, you know, because she has milk anyway. So it was a four-ingredient thing. I used wheat dates, banana, and olive oil because of course we don’t give refined oil to kids and she loved it.

It was something that she would grab onto every now and then on her own. And actually, that’s how her baby-led weaning process began with the date banana wheat cake.