What music is best for babies

Deanna deCampos shares her thoughts on what kind of music you should introduce to babies for their overall growth

Parents often ask us what kind of music is best to play with their babies at home. And, in Music Together, we actually provide a rich variety of tonalities and meters and genres of music because we want children to have a rich variety of music to learn from. An example would be if you, raise your children in a, in a household that has a rich vocabulary, your child will grow up having a rich vocabulary.

If you raise your child in a household that has rich sophisticated music of a wide variety, then your child will grow up with a very strong music foundation. So we provide, lots of different tonalities and meters and genres for families to have lots and lots of musical vitamins in their house.

And, we encourage families to use the kind of music that they love, not just children’s music, not just because your child is little, they don’t need to just listen to that kind of music. They need to listen to all sorts of rich, beautiful music.