Toddler Baker – The Story

Know how and what made Sunainaa turn her passion to profession and what really does Toddler Baker means

So when I had Shreya, I was working with Business Standard and of course, I had six months’ maternity leave, but, during that whole process, I was going through severe postpartum depression, and I didn’t know how to handle it. And I couldn’t talk to anyone about it because they just thought I was sad and depressed and crying for no apparent reason.

And then I had this beautiful, gorgeous baby in front of me. So, and then it was a time like by nine months it was time to go back and I just, my heart didn’t let me and I was like, I cannot go back and leave her alone at home. So I quit. I just, I told them I can’t do this anymore. And, you know, I was experimenting with cooking and baking and I was loving it.

And then soon it became, you know, I decided to turn the passion to a profession because so many of my friends started telling me that, you know, bake for us, we love your stuff. And it was a kind of fulfillment that no job can give you. It was a very gratifying experience to see that smile on someone else’s face.

And I knew that was my calling and that’s how Toddler Baker started.