Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

Sunainaa of Toddler Baker gives few tips on healthy snacks for toddlers and what all you can include to make it healthy yet tasty

This goes back to when I was lactating, I had a really tough time producing enough milk and my mother-in-law’s from Maharasthra. So she had all these, you know, recipes where you have aleev subzan and lots of nuts, lots of dates, lots of peanuts. So she would feed me these ladoos, you know, which she had learned from her mom and I love them.

Though it didn’t really help in increasing my milk production, they were so high in nutrition that I wanted my daughter to have them as well. And, you know, that’s when I started experimenting with peanut jaggery balls. Date nuts and seed balls. And I wanted to give her a plant-based protein, so that’s when I started making Satu almond flour.

It was just, it was always been an experiment to just ensure that she gets all the nutrition that’s required without me having to go and purchase something from the market. And that’s the whole concept of how energy balls came into it. And then energy balls became energy bars because of course, they like to hold things in their hands.

So then soon it became bars and big. Then, you know, we don’t understand how important these seeds are for us because we didn’t grow up eating seeds, but they are so high in nutrition and just, one bowl of seeds is enough to meet all those requirements. And of course, they’re not going to eat it as is.

So, which is why I started putting them with dates in a bar and putting a little honey on it and baking them. And, it’s her go-to snack in the evenings now.