Choosing a caregiver

Divya explains what to keep in mind while choosing a caregiver for it is she who would make all the difference to your journey

Really important question – how do we choose a care provider? A care provider and using the word for somebody who is going to assist you and take care of you during your pregnancy and during your birth. And for the large part, it means a doctor, how do we choose a doctor? Well, first of all, in our place, we choose the doctor and not the hospital, but what you really need to know that your Dr. may be accepting of many things that you may ask for labor and birth, but your hospital may not agree with it.

So some doctors are okay with you having more than one person there to help you, but hospitals say only one attendant. So it’s important when you’re choosing this important person on your team that you pay attention to details like this.

What is your philosophy for birth? What kind of birth do you want? What do you believe in? What does your doctor believe in? If, say, I want to go to, I want a natural birth and my doctor says, well, you know, I’m not going to wait even till due date and induce you, then there is a very little likelihood of me ever getting a natural birth.

So it’s good to ask your doctor some questions. And before that, asking yourself some questions, but finally, choose a caregiver who makes you feel happy. If you find every visit to the doctor is a bit of a concern of what you are going to say, what she’s going to say, what they are going to do, then that is never going to be a good fit for you later when you’re giving birth.

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