Ayurveda – Garbhashay

Get an insight into how pregnancy and the unborn child are viewed in Ayurveda and what provides a holistic environment

Uterus -the very important reproductive organ of every woman is called ‘garbhashaya’ in Ayurveda.

It is the ‘ashiya’ – the place where ‘garbha’ resides. The very important part of a temple is the ‘garbhaghaya’ – the deities place where nobody can enter beyond a limit.

Similarly, the temple called the body in our body there is a place called ‘garbhashaya’, where the garbha can be placed and no one can enter except garbha. This is what is explained in Ayurveda.

Similarly, garbhashaya – the uterus of the woman is also treated like garbhaghaya of a temple.