Childbirth Course

MCF Childbirth Course

Labor, Breastfeeding, hospital routines, what to expect during the first few days, and lots more. 
Eight Modules

Module 1 - Anatomy and Physiology of Birth - Know your Body

Module 2 - How labour begins & what is pre-labour

Module 3 - Labour land

Module 4 - Comfort measures

Module 5 - Welcoming the baby - Birth & Golden hour

Module 6 - Breastfeeding Orientation

Module 7 - Hospital routines and interventions

Module 8 - Practical tips and Birth Plans

BONUS #1- Fortnightly LIVE interactions with Divya Deswal (Instructor)

BONUS #2- Prenatal Bonding



What do other Parents have to say

So far it’s been great! And thank you for setting this up and having the free webinar’s and classes. With everything going on and not being able to attend anything in person for the first time mom’s this is fantastic. Divya is amazing and really explains the concepts well. I feel a little more prepared and what to expect…so thank you! ~ Sonali Manilal

With COVID taking over, my husband and I weren’t able to attend the in-person classes we had initially planned for, and hence signed up for this online series. Through this series, we got a lot of helpful information & tips which helped us through the last leg of pregnancy and through delivery. Divya is a calm and reassuring instructor who has an excellent knowledge base and answered all our questions about the birth process. It was also great to go through the resources she shared with us on what can be done after birth as well for the baby and mother. Overall, the series has helped us to stay confident as we stepped into parenthood for the first time! ~ Tia & Adi

Sonali Manilal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these classes Pre-recorded or Live?

These classes are all pre-recorded and can be taken at your pace, at your home and at your convenience

Who is the instructor?

Divya Deswal is a certified childbirth educator with 20 years of experience as a birth doula, a HypnoBirthing childbirth educator-fertility practitioner, a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist. She has held hands of more than 350 women/couples during pregnancy.

Are there any live interactions during the course?

Yes, we meet every fortnight, for our Open House where any concerns pertaining to your journey are answered by us.

Are there any hidden costs for the course?

No there aren’t any hidden costs for the Childbirth Course. The price is all inclusive.

How long can I access these classes post registration?

You can easily access our e-learning platform and its content for 9 months from the date of registration.

What do other Parents have to say

Divya’s class is the place where I got comprehensive and detailed knowledge. Her classes are so rich with practical information that makes it really unique. Being a second-time mother, I must say that every piece of information shared was new to me. I was left shocked by the things I didn’t know with my first pregnancy. Divya really empowers a mother to feel in charge of her pregnancy and birth. After each session, I went back with so many things to take away and ponder about. I think attending her sessions were the best gift I have given myself. I am a more aware, conscious and deeply grounded mother this time around because of Divya. Much love to ‘My First Child’. ~ Gotha Hari Priya

Thank you for helping me understand my rights as an expecting mum. I feel so much more confident in having discussions with my doctor. And overall it has been a very empowering experience. Looking forward to more classes and also spreading the word.~ Ritika Bhalla