Amul S Bahl

Director Innovation, God's Own Store

New Delhi

Delivered Innovations in Healthcare

Ayurvedic Nanocellopathy:

Developed after 26 years of research on the synergies of different plant extracts and their healing algorithms. A first in the world that amazes even traditional Ayurveda. Salient features are:

  1. Topical use only treatment (only a few drops of oil rubbed for 15 seconds at strategic points)
  2. No added chemicals, heavy metals etc.
  3. Safe, Scientific and effective
  4. No ingestion of medicine- Non metabolized
  5. Direct & Targeted- Fast acting- Ease of use
  6. 8 patents under process

This developed technology transforms our nation from being a technology junkyard to the developer of science & technology in the area of wellness and healthcare.

Vishwa Guru Focused Health care Inventions

  1. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome: Clinically proven treatment through scientific, independent, 3rd party trials under CTRI. Impact factor close to 10 cr women- can help prevent infertility, diabetes, breast & endometrial cancer. US Senate resolution #336 explicitly extolls over 50 national healthcare organizations to find better ways to treat PCOS. We can easily present this treatment as an element of being a Vishwa Guru.
  2. Proven alternative to Knee replacement: Clinically proven through independent scientific 3rd party trials under CTRI. Impact factor close to 40 cr people. An estimated Rs 32,00,000 cr can be saved for the economy by using this alternative to knee/joint replacement. The same amount would find its way in the Indian economy by using this indigenously developed technology.
  3. Bio Terror: paper in the journal of Chemical & Biological Weapons as recognition of this invention and it’s technological advancement. Unique use of plant extracts to neutralize a bio terror attack using the QLEN model. Paper published by IDSA-Indian Defence Studies & Analysis.
  4. AYUSH licenses for 46 innovated products on this invented technology.

Other Innovations in early career

Electrical Engineer: Amul has pioneered developing energy efficient electrical solutions; by developing new technologies that use up to 40% less raw material; The company was recognized for its R&D by an award by the President of India.

Andragogy Educator: Amul has developed Andragogy: a digital systems-based learning & development solutions; trained over 750,000 people for gainful employment and has helped bring new business into India. Andragogy dramatically brings down costs, standardize training delivery, upgrades content, individualise learning and improves employability and on job skill sets without the need of experienced and trained teachers.

Social & Cultural Beliefs and Impact

  • 22 years- Free Seva/ Charity for the aged and the ailing: using plant extracts to treat different ailments
  • Vipassana Sadhana Sansthan- meditation retreat centers- a family based charitable initiative § Designed and introduced the approach of Vedanta in management for youth and young managers for improved efficiency, ethical leadership, stress-free working.
  • Own YouTube channel “Aananda Sutras” for disseminating this knowledge to youth
  • Author of 5 books


  • B.E. (Hons) Electrical, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • 10 pointer, M.Tech from IIT Delhi.