What is PCOS

Watch this video to decode what really is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and from what conditions does it arise

So polycystic ovarian syndrome is a set of conditions arising out of a hormonal imbalance, which reflects in the human body. Some of the symptoms could be – so to call it a disease or a disorder, is OK. So syndrome is the effects of the disorder, but there is no such thing as a disease. What happens is, a woman by the very nature of her, undergoing hormonal changes much more often, almost on a monthly basis, then she reaches puberty, then marriage, then lactation, then childbirth, blah, blah, blah. So the whole system is always in flux. So because of that, sometimes the balance is not maintained and that results in certain symptoms like hair fall, increasing weight, it could be a thyroid issue. It could be a polycystic ovarian syndrome, insulin resistance.

Sometimes these symptoms aggravate and become, more, critical like breast cancer and endometrial cancer. But those are basically not to be worried about at this point. Basically, PCOs leads to some cosmetic changes because they are impacted, the hormones are impacting the whole body.

So you have facial hair, you have hair fall, you have weight gain, insulin resistance. You’ll have maybe high BP, and follicular cyst as we call them. So if we check blood, this could be tested to ultrasound, or you could have a blood analysis done. So you could look at FSH, which is the follicular stimulating hormone, and you will have the androgens you can map, which are the male hormones, how much they are increased in a system.

So that’s basically what PCOS is. It’s not something to be kind of afraid of, it’s a natural occurrence of an imbalance in the system. That’s all.