PCOS Treatment Modality by God’s Own Store

Amul S. Bahl explains how their technology based on Marmara points works in treating PCOS from the roots

So before I go into the modality for PCOs, I need to explain a bit about the technology. So what we did was, I’m not a doctor and I’m not assigned chemist in that sense, but I, started working with plant extracts and we developed a technology where these extracts if they’re used topically on the body. So it’s not like a Kerala massage where you’ll need to use 500 ML of oil, half a liter of oil on your knee to massage it.

So we have smaller bottles say a 50 ML bottle, which could, which would last you two months. So which means you use only a few drops. So the purity is such that, and the way we did was that the extracts are designed to enter the human body directly and targeted to the area where we want them to be.

We do not follow an ingestion route, which means we bypass the metabolized route. So when we metabolize a tulsi leaf for example, so if there are four of us, all of them metabolize it differently. The effects of that same tulsi leaf are different for different people. Whereas when we have, when we use our oil protocol, the effect of that tulsi oil would be the same on all different people. Efficacy may vary by a couple of hours or a couple of days, but the impact is the same. It’s not like that. Oh, it was supposed to do this and it went and did this.

So that’s the basic technology. So technology is topical use only. We use certain strategic energy elements or mediums we call, which are basically in Ayurveda defined as Marmara points.

Based on Marmara points, we have the Chinese system of acupressure acupuncture and, so we use those elements to transmit the key actives in the plant to the targeted areas. So coming to PCOS. So what we do there is, we have a set of oils, which, one looks at the ovarian system of hormones, and the other is balancing the other, elements of the endocrine system.

The thyroid issues are not because of Thyroid, but it’s because of putretry. So, so we need to just balance it. And since we don’t have a complete diagnosis of whether it is just an ovarian issue that is happening, or it is a combination of various other hormones, so we are on the wrong on the right side.

So in the sense of, okay, let’s balance both. So when we balance both, it impacts start showing impact in terms of, facial hair, hair fall, acne, mood swings. So those are the symptomatic benefits we see the person who uses them. The user sees in the first few days, maybe in the first two weeks only, they see this.

However, we go by the diagnostic of ultrasound and through a hormonal test, periodically. So after every eight weeks or 10 weeks, we do this and we find good results for it.