Weight Loss after Childbirth

Exercising post-delivery can be resumed immediately in case of normal delivery and in a C-section depends on your doctor

So after you’ve had that baby, and you want to go back to your exercise, if you’ve had a normal delivery, normally we encourage, feel fine and if you feel okay, try and start off with a 15 to a 20-minute walk. If you’ve had a C-section obviously check with your doctor when and how they want you to return back to physical activity, but starting off simple with basic, basically a simple walk helps. Once you will feel comfortable and your stitches are healed, if you’ve had a C-section then going back and doing some core exercises, along with that, cardio should help you get to your pre-baby or prenatal weight, and shape faster.

If you’ve had a normal baby, give yourself about three to four weeks and then start doing that walk. If you’ve had a C-section, I would probably ask the doctor, but normally, if everything is going fine, then wait about six weeks and then start walking.